Loft Conversion

How do You Understand if Your Loft is Suitable for Conversion?

How do You Understand if Your Loft is Suitable for Conversion?

Most homeowners have felt it would have been better if there was an extra living space in the house. If you want to expand the dimensions of the property, it will be a costly affair. Converting an existing loft will solve your purpose, but before that to happen, you should know whether the loft in your house is suitable for conversion. These days, loft conversions are a common phenomenon since this approach enhances the functionality of a living space without being heavy on your pocket.

What Aspects You Should Consider Before Converting the Loft?

If you are willing to convert your loft, it’s a good idea. Seek professional assistance to get more insights in this regard. Experts can make you aware of the factors to consider before converting your loft:

Head height

The head height over the landings and staircase should be at least 2.2m. This way, you can ensure there is 2m of headroom once new beams and floors are fitted.

Roof structure

Not all roof structures are suitable for loft conversions. Conventional roofs are easier to convert because of their simple structure. If you don’t have an idea of the roof structure in your house, feel free to connect with a professional. With his suggestions, you can understand what to do and what not.

Building regulations

There are certain building regulations that loft conversions must adhere to. It ensures the new living space is structurally sound and safe. Usually, the regulations come in the form of insulation, safety, structural stability, and ventilation.

Floor space

It is another important aspect you should consider before converting the lofts. If the floor space is large enough to make a usable room, you can proceed with the plan. If it’s not, your choices become limited while selecting the type of loft conversion.

The pitch of the roof

If the roof of your house has a steep pitch, it will be simpler for you to convert the lofts. In this case, there will be adequate head room and more usable space.

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