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Most Common Roadblocks in Converting the Loft in a Property

Most Common Roadblocks in Converting the Loft in a Property

If you have a considerable available space in your house, you must utilise it in a way that enhances its functionality and aesthetics. One of the common ways to reach that goal is to convert a loft. The conversion gives some extra space you can utilise according to your requirements.

Coming Across Certain Challenges

While embarking on the loft conversion process, you may face some initial roadblocks. As a homeowner, you must handle them well by collaborating with the hired contractor. This will be extremely helpful in smoothening the overall process of modifying your living space.

Structural Challenges of Loft Conversion

If you are wondering what could be the possible roadblocks in loft conversion, read the following section of this blog.

Legal Restrictions

Loft conversion generally does not involve collaboration with any legal bodies. However, if you want to increase the area of the loft, you might have to inform the planning permission. According to the Permitted Development Rights, you can add a roof extension at the side or back of the house. The prescribed extension area is a maximum of 50 cubic metres in volume. If you want to extend the loft further, you may need a permit from the local authority.

Issues with Overhead Tanks

This is one of the most common queries among homeowners. Some have a provision for overhead water supply, which is generally situated on the roof. If your home was built many years ago, it is advisable to keep the roof area untouched. However, if the loft conversion project is inevitable and you need to remove the water tank, communicate with your plumber.

Adding Bathroom

When you design a loft in your property, you might have the desire to add a bathroom to it. It can make your extra space much more functional. However, due to lack of space and other issues, you might not be able to achieve that. In such a situation, you should communicate with your contractor and ask them to provide a proper solution.


These are a few stumbling factors that you might come across while converting a loft in your property. With proper collaboration with a well-known contractor, you would be able to mitigate them. Connect with Build On Construction Ltd, one of the leading names for loft conversions across Sutton, Surrey and South London. We have a team of experts who can take cognisance of your issues and resolve them properly. To learn more about us, you can visit our website today.