Ways to Know If Your Loft is Suitable for Conversion

A loft conversion is one of the most effective ways of adding space to your home. You can utilise the space on the upper floor for additional storage or living space. The best part is that you need not extend or move to a larger property for the conversion.

Loft Conversion

More About Loft Conversion:

It is important to note that not all lofts can be converted. This is vital information that you need to know before committing to a loft conversion project. Ask your contractor to check a few vital things to determine whether your loft can actually be transformed into a living space.

How to Know if You Can Perform Loft Conversion:

Below, you can find a few important factors that determine the effectiveness of a loft conversion in Epsom.

Does Your Room Have a Suitable Head Height?

A loft conversion may not be suitable if you have a loft with a low ceiling height. The minimum required height is 2.2 m when measured from the floor to the highest point of the ceiling. Lowering the ceiling height on the floor or using thinner insulation can give you adequate head height. You can always raise the ceiling height or raze the floor, but that would cost you extra.

Does Your Loft Meet the Building Regulations?

You cannot ignore the importance of building regulations while converting a loft. It is an important code that ensures that the converted space is safe and structurally fit. If your converted space does not meet the necessary requirements, you may have to undertake additional measures to bring it up to standard. It is important to fulfil a few crucial requirements, including fire safety, insulation, ventilation and structural stability.

Is the Roof Structure Conducive for Loft Conversion?

The roof structure is one of the primary considerations during loft conversion. The traditional roof shapes are most suitable for converting a loft. You can also go on with the modification work with truss and purlin roofs. Thanks to the simple structure, properties with traditional roofs are the easiest to convert. Once matching the roof structure with the loft, you can continue with the conversion.

These are a few simple steps to determine if you can perform a loft conversion on your property. For better insights, it is better to communicate with a contractor. You can count on their experience for suitable suggestions for loft conversion. Get in touch with Build On Construction Ltd, a well-known name for loft conversions in Epsom. Here, you can get all kinds of assistance to convert your loft efficiently. Visit their website to learn more.

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