Picking the Right Contractor for Your Loft Conversion

Planning For a Loft Conversion- 6 Major Mistakes to Avoid During Construction

Adding a loft room to the house can be one of the best ways to generate additional revenue from the property. It also helps improve the home’s value. Loft conversions are serious home renovation projects, and there are some factors that you should not overlook.

While some mistakes can be simple and easy to fix, others can throw a massive wrench in the construction and result in a huge sum of money being spent. If you plan to have loft conversions in Banstead or anywhere, here are some mistakes you must avoid.


Common Mistakes to Avoid In Loft Conversions

  • Not Checking The Suitability Of The Property

Though loft conversions work great in most buildings, an overlooked mistake people generally make is checking the suitability of the house. This involves confirming the head height of the building to about 2.3 m, which is good for loft space.

  • Not Taking Help From The Engineer

The most important thing you need to do is consult with an engineer. The expert might find flaws in the building that make the addition dangerous. The professionals are familiar with local guidelines and can inform you about the permits required. Hence, it is good to discuss your needs with the engineer first.

  • Not Estimating the Budget

Loft conversion requires an investment, and hence, budgeting is crucial from the beginning. While you plan for loft conversion, you need to make a budget. Having an estimate will help avoid costly expenses later.

  • Trying Out The DIY Techniques

Some people plan to convert the loft on their own. But, it is not a good option. You need ideas on local guidelines, permits, or other regulations for loft conversion. You need to determine whether your home is suitable for a loft conversion. So, consulting with a specialist builder for the renovation is good.

  • Neglecting the staircase

You plan to have a loft conversion, but have you considered the staircase? These structures generally take up lots of space in your home. For loft conversion, you need to have new stairs. Besides, you have to take space from the bedroom too. So, measure the staircase space you require before installing a loft.

  • Underestimate The Importance Of Lights

Proper light can either make or break the aesthetics of a loft conversion. Consider using artificial light and have windows that bring natural light in.

These are the mistakes you need to avoid during the loft conversion procedure. Build On provides the best services on loft conversions. We specialise in converting lofts as per your design preference and budget. Get in touch with us to know more.