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Learn About The Different Types of Loft Conversions

Learn About The Different Types of Loft Conversions

Are you confused about choosing the right method for adding space to your home? Well, not everyone can move to a new house when lacking space. Moving is not just expensive but also troublesome. Loft conversions are one of the cost-effective methods to add space and character to your existing home. Choosing the right loft conversion type is also essential for its success. Here are some common types of loft conversions.


Six Common Types of Loft Conversions



This type is ideal for most UK homes. This is built vertically on the top of an existing sloping roof. A dormant loft conversion may require planning permission from local authorities along with some building works. This conversion provides you with additional floor space as well as headroom with horizontal ceilings and vertical walls. With this type of loft conversion, you will have more natural light in your home.



This has a symmetrical two-sided roof, and each side has two slopes and vertical gable ends. The upper slope has a shallow angle, whereas the lower has a steep angle. Gambrel roof maximises the headroom within the upper level of the property.



A mansard loft conversion involves raising the party wall (the wall you share with your neighbours). Mansards are usually found at the rear of the house. They are more popular for terrace houses. It also blends well with older properties, allowing more light into your loft.


Hip to Gable

This type of loft conversion not only creates additional space for headroom in a loft but also adds more floor space. It involves stripping the back of the roof to the hip end’s top, the flank wall built into a gable, and the ridge extension to meet the gable. You may require reconstructing the front roof.


Velux or Roof light Conversions

A roof light conversion doesn’t involve altering or expanding the existing space. It just adds windows and reinforces the floor for a comfortable living area. This is the best option if you’re tight on budget. This is the cheapest type of loft conversion and gives you enough storage space if executed correctly.


L-Shaped Dormer

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion is also very popular for extending a mid-terrace period property to add space. With this conversion, you can have two more bedrooms and a Bathroom.

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