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Three Loft Conversion Mistakes You Must Avoid At Any Cost

Three Loft Conversion Mistakes You Must Avoid At Any Cost

Do you have an unused loft at your house? Do you want to convert the same and get more space? This is technically an idea that strikes the mind of every homeowner. Unfortunately, people commit the mistake of hurrying with loft conversion services. Just because you have a loft, it doesn’t mean you can readily convert the same into a room. Ask professional builders to measure and check the same. Hurrying will make you lose out on your money.

If you’re opting for a loft conversion, make sure that you avoid these mistakes at any cost. Only then can you get a functional room.

What are the common loft conversion mistakes?

Don’t opt for quantity over quality

Most people make the mistake of converting the loft in the greed of getting a high resale value of the property in future. However, the first intention you should have in your mind during loft conversions is to ensure the complete comfort of the inhabitants who are going to use the loft. Make sure that you design the loft to meet your family’s needs. Creating a loft conversion only for selling the house will not give you a functional room.

Mistake of not checking the loft before the conversion

Just because you have a loft doesn’t make sense that you can convert it into a functional room. If the headspace is unavailable, if your loft cannot be converted into the type of room you require, and if you do not have any storage place in your house other than your loft,  then a conversion is not a feasible decision.

Wrong stair access into the loft

Most often, after the loft conversion has been completed, the homeowners realise that the stairs have been fixed incorrectly. In most cases, the stairs take up a major part of the loft and reduce the floor space. Make sure you check this point with the builder before conversion.

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Light and Space in Loft Conversion

3 Ways to Maximise Light and Space in Your Loft

When converting the roof space into a loft, you must be particular about its design. It should be done properly to ensure proper space management. Collaborating with a specialist can be highly effective in attaining a perfectly designed loft.

More About Space and Light in Loft

Along with proper space management, a loft needs an equal light distribution too. Proper placement of outlets is necessary to make a room naturally illuminated. It can also help the room to be highly energy efficient as well.

How to Maximise Space and Light Distribution in Loft?

There are a few ways that you may try for better distribution of space and light in your loft. These are mentioned in the following parts of the blog. To incorporate these designs, you should collaborate with a reputable loft conversion service.

  • Build Overlapping Staircase:

This tip will prevent you from losing valuable floor space in the loft. All you need is to construct the new staircase over an existing one. You can avoid losing the floor space or ending up with narrower stairs to the loft.

  • Install Customised Storage Space:

If you have a geometrically uneven space on the loft, you need not worry about designing it. You can always manage it as a customised storage space. It is a smart way of managing awkward spaces in your loft.

  • Install Roof lights:

If you want to highlight the loft space but cannot find a proper space to install lights, you can always go with roof lights. These are an effective way of managing your floor space. The lights can also be effective in making your loft look aesthetic.

When you follow these tips for designing your loft, you can remain assured of maximising space and light distribution. For better collaboration, contact Build On Construction Ltd. We are one of the well-known loft conversion services in Sutton. For more information, visit our website today.

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Look for These Five Qualities in a Loft Conversion Specialist

Look for These Five Qualities in a Loft Conversion Specialist

A loft conversion can be a great way to add extra space and value to your home, but it’s important to choose the right specialist for the job. Remember to ask for references, check for insurance and licenses, look for good communication skills, focus on design and build quality, consider cost and budget, and think about timing and schedule.

With so many options available in loft conversion services, you may become confused about selecting the right one.
Here are five things you should check in a loft conversion specialist to ensure that you get the best results:

Qualifications and Experience:

The first thing you should check in a loft conversion specialist is their qualifications and experience. Make sure that the specialist you choose has the necessary skills and expertise to carry out a successful loft conversion. You can ask for references or check online reviews to get an idea of their past work.

License and Insurance:

It’s important to choose a loft conversion specialist who is licensed and insured. This will protect you and your property in case of any accidents or damage during the conversion process.


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Design and Build Quality:

Choose a specialist who has a good track record of delivering high-quality conversions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They should also be able to provide you with samples of their work or references from previous clients.

Cost and Budget:

The cost of a loft conversion can vary widely depending on the specialist you choose and the type of conversion you want. Make sure to choose a specialist who provides a transparent and detailed quote that includes all costs and materials.

Timing and Schedule:

Finally, make sure to choose a loft conversion specialist who can deliver the project within your desired timeline. They should be able to provide you with a realistic schedule that takes into account any potential delays or complications. Make sure to agree on a completion date before the conversion begins to avoid any surprises or disappointment.

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How Can Professional Loft Conversion Service Help You in Home Improvement?

How Can Professional Loft Conversion Service Help You in Home Improvement?

When considering the addition of a loft conversion to your home, it is important to choose the right contractor. Hiring professional loft conversion services can be the best choice for an extension project, as they are experienced in working in this unique space and can provide quality workmanship that meets all current regulations.

Five Reasons to Work with Professional Loft Conversion Specialists

Here are five reasons why you should choose a professional loft conversion specialist for your next home extension:

Increased Safety

Loft conversions involve working with electrical wiring, plumbing and structural elements, which come with inherent risks. A professional loft conversion specialist will have the necessary training and experience to ensure that any work they do is done safely and in accordance with building regulations, providing peace of mind that safety standards are met throughout the process.

Quality Workmanship

Professional loft conversion specialists understand the complexities of working in a confined space and can use their expertise to create more efficient solutions for larger projects such as dormers or Velux windows. Hiring a professional will ensure that the highest quality materials and techniques have been used throughout the project to create an attractive and lasting result.

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Cost-Efficient Solutions

As professionals, loft conversion specialists usually offer competitive rates compared to other contractors offering similar services. They also have access to better pricing on materials due to their network of suppliers, meaning they can provide cost-efficient solutions that may not be available elsewhere. This could help reduce overall costs when planning an ambitious project such as a dormer or Velux window installation.

Structural Stability

 Loft conversions often require structural steel beams inserted into your floor joists. At the same time, other areas must be braced against a movement which could affect structural stability over time if not done correctly. A qualified professional knows how to install these types of components safely while ensuring maximum structural integrity is maintained at all times, thus reducing long-term maintenance costs associated with improper installations performed by unqualified contractors or DIY enthusiasts.

Professional Advice & Guidance

Working within tight spaces presents its own set of design challenges which require specialised knowledge when considering solutions such as lighting, insulation or partition walls etc. As experts in their field, professional loft conversion specialists will be able to offer sound advice tailored specifically for your project needs so that you can make informed decisions without making costly mistakes along the way!

Build On is an experienced team of efficient loft conversion specialists. We deliver premium loft conversion and roof extension services at competitive costs.

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4 Popular Loft Conversion Ideas that You Cannot Miss

4 Popular Loft Conversion Ideas that You Cannot Miss

If you consider utilising some available space in your house, converting it to a loft is a prudent idea. It gives an additional room that you can keep for future use. You have multiple options, from keeping it as a storage space to building an extra bedroom.

Work with a Professional

To achieve a perfect design for your loft, you must collaborate with a professional loft conversion service. They have the practical idea and creative vision to transform the empty space into a more practical establishment.

Loft Conversion Trends to Incorporate

While converting a loft, you can try different types of designs. This will make the space much more creative and spacious at the same time. Some trendy designs are discussed here in detail.

● Textured Finishes:

The trend of clean, uniform texture on the surface is now nearly non-existent. Rather than a clean look, homeowners are now opting for textures in their rooms. This will offer a cosy feel to the loft. You can use multiple materials to try different textures in a single room. Apart from applying textures on the wall, you can also buy furniture with creative textures.

● Transitional Bathroom Space:

When you establish a bathroom on a loft, you may give more importance to its functionality. However, the modern loft conversion styles allow you to design the bathroom according to your choice. It is a reflection of how the space makes you feel. You can integrate a large area of your loft to make the bathroom cosier.


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● Floral Designs:

In the past few decades, you may have seen the trend of floral designs on different installations. It slowly lost pace during the last few years but has regained its position as a trendy design. The floral prints of today are much trendier and modern in approach and give a contemporary look. It can upgrade the overall feel of your converted loft.

● Feature Wall:

Though the minimalist design is the trend now, your loft can be more appealing with a feature wall. These are grand installations in a room where you can reflect on your choice for finer things. You can use this wall for installing artwork and photographs.

Try these ideas to make your converted loft much more innovative and regal. You can perform the work by taking help from a renowned source like Build On Construction Ltd. Our professionals specialise in loft conversion services across a wide area. To learn more about us, you can visit our website today.

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4 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Loft Conversions

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Loft Conversions

A loft conversion may solve all your space-related woes when you need additional room. The work must be done properly because it is a significant investment. With the help of professional loft conversion services, you can not only add a room but also improve the financial situation of the house. When done right, loft conversions can create a significant impact on the well-being of the house.

So that you can prepare to avoid them, below are some of the most frequent errors people make.

What are the common mistakes to avoid during loft conversions?

Overlooking the headspace

Before beginning a loft conversion project, this should be checked first. For a typical loft, you’ll need a head height of at least 2.2 metres. If not, using it as additional living space might not be possible. Although raising the roof height is an option in some circumstances, you’d need to budget for this from the beginning because it’s frequently quite expensive and difficult.

Not taking planning permission

Not always do loft conversions require planning approval. It’s crucial to confirm this and never assume that permitted development rights cover your idea. This is significant if you live in a historic building, conservation area, or flats or are planning to change your home’s exterior design. It is usually better to contact your neighbourhood planning office if you are unsure.

Selecting the wrong conversion specialist

Finding a building contractor with experience in similar work is advisable because loft conversions are specialised tasks. Checking reviews on independent sources and speaking with any friends who have had work done similarly are smart places to start. Also, make sure you have clear plans available so that contractors can give you more realistic estimates for the project.

Not making soundproof

Have you ever shared a wall with your upstairs neighbours in a flat? If that’s the case, you’ll understand how important effective soundproofing between floors is. You should also ensure that all windows, floors, and walls are sufficiently sealed and insulated to create a peaceful sleeping or working environment. It’s crucial to safeguard the regions below in-game or music rooms. In a loft conversion, most people forget the factor of making the space soundproof.

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How to Ensure Proper Light Distribution in a Converted Loft?

How to Ensure Proper Light Distribution in a Converted Loft?


No matter your house’s size, you will always need extra space. You can utilise this space in your way: both for storage and residence. One of the easiest ways to manage some extra room is to convert the loft.

Use of a Loft:

The loft is an additional space primarily intended to keep junk and rubbish. However, if the space is large enough, you can easily make it an additional room for residence. The space can come in handy when you have many guests to attend.

Ways to Ensure Better Light Distribution in Lofts:

One of the important aspects of loft conversions is to ensure enough light distribution in the space. You can do it by collaborating with a reliable construction specialist. Here are the ways to get even light distribution in a converted loft.

 Install Skylights:

It is one of the simplest solutions to ensure better light distribution in a converted loft. Installing skylights not only improves light distribution but also opens up the space. As a result, you would not feel claustrophobic while staying in the room. If you do not want to spend extra on installing rooflights, you can always invest in transparent and durable roofing agents.

Modify the Existing Staircase:

This is an efficient move with which you can accomplish two goals at one attempt. All you need to do is remodel and build a new staircase over the existing one. As a result, you can remain worry-free about losing the floor space to
the stairs. The room’s design also gets modified, giving you more headspace. You can ensure the even distribution of light by installing windows and skylights in spaces of your choice.

Build an Additional Storage Space:

It is impossible to use the same space for dual purposes. This is to mean that you should utilise the loft either for storage or for residence. You will get robbed of both space and light. Talk with your builder and customise the storage space in your attic. Use the loft space to add installations like decorative items and furniture.

By following these tips, you can ensure better light distribution in your loft. To do it professionally, you should communicate with a reliable source like Build On Construction Ltd. We are a well-known name for loft conversions in Surrey and South London. We can offer you practical solutions for converting your loft to abundant space and light distribution. To collaborate on your needs, you can communicate with us today.