Can You Add a Balcony to Your Loft Conversion?

Can You Add a Balcony to Your Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions are a novel way to maximise the space in your home. It can help you add both value and functionality. But when you have a loft conversion, the next thing that might pop into your mind is, why not add a balcony to it? It is realistic to dream about a balcony for your loft conversion, and it could also be useful. But before you embark on making this dream a reality, here are some considerations you need to take into account.


Things to consider before getting a balcony for your loft conversion

A balcony for a loft conversion is no wild dream. Yet, there are certain structural facets you need to keep in mind when you are considering a balcony for your new loft.

Structural integrity

The first and foremost consideration you should juggle is whether your property can support the additional weight of the balcony. An entire loft conversion can already add a significant weight to the structure. An additional balcony will encumber your housing structure further. So before you act on your balcony dream for your loft conversion, you should consult the loft conversion specialists and architects.


Adding an entire balcony to your loft conversion might require you to get proper permission from the relevant authority. These sets of regulations can vary depending on your city and location. Hence, you should always check with your local planning department to ensure compliance with regulations before acting on or planning it further.

Access and the question of safety

You should also consider how you are going to access the balcony from your loft conversion. You should also ensure it meets all the building regulations. You might also need to consider what safety features are indispensable, such as railings or barriers so that you comply with the safety standards.


The add-on of a balcony to your loft conversion can significantly skyrocket the cost of the project due to all the additional labour and materials. It can also incur additional expenses such as planning permission fees, structural assessments and much more.


Last but not least, aesthetics is an important factor you should never neglect. Balconies can significantly transform the outlook of your home, from both the interior and the exterior. So, you should anticipate how the overall appearance of your new balcony will blend with the exterior and surrounding properties. A design should complement the surrounding aesthetics instead of clashing with it. If the design element works out, it can enhance the overall appeal of your home and even the neighbourhood.

Do you nurture the dream of a balcony for your loft conversions? Build On can help you breathe life into this dream. Let us assess your building structure, and we can help you determine if a balcony would be suitable for your loft conversion.